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Remote Working

There are various reasons why organizations opt for remote workforces. Such reasons are;

Working from home
Organizations which are capable of operating remotely are look in terms of allowing their employees to work from home to cut expenditure on traveling and other operational costs incurred such as electricity & water. This move improves staff morale and business efficiency

On the road staff
Another way to work remotely is by allowing the field staff to connect with the office via a Telephony system to report daily progress and allowing to track the daily routes covered online.

Reduced costs
Allowing remote works has a massive cost benefit to the Organizations where the electricity and water bills could be reduced immensely and often office space for desks and for parking also can be reduced for a certain extent.

Working on site
Certain businesses work remotely anyway, such as construction workers and Sales executives. Hence, a cloud telephone system allows them to connect with the Head Office seamlessly as and when they are required

Why are cloud telephone systems best for remote working?

Cloud based VOIP phone systems are a great way of communication when employees are working remotely anywhere in the world. Since the back end is set up in the Cloud, it allows to communicate without any complicated installations at the end user.

Whether it is a small office, Home Office or an Enterprise cloud telephony provides a great platform for your business. Cloud Telephony provides your business easily scalable, reliable and a cost effective telephony system without the expensive, space consuming PBX systems.

How can you set up remote workers on a cloud telephone system?

We know how complex and time consuming it can be when changing telephone systems, but setting up a cloud telephone system is simple and easy.

Scalability of a Cloud based telephony system is very easy. Provisioning users, providing connectivity, providing mobile applications and configuring all these is just few steps away.

The Cloud Telephony systems can be configured to match your exact needs, giving greater flexibility to support the growth of your business.

End user hardware such as Headsets or Hand sets are totally independent of the system that the users can use their own devices which suits them best

Benefits of Remote Working Solutions

There are many benefits of using Remote Working Solutions. Organizations can recruit the best talented for their business regardless of their physical location. Hence, allowing the organization to invest less in office space and other infrastructure needed. Further, the workers will have greater work life balance, satisfaction and increase productivity. Given the benefits of remote working, one must be vigilant of strong cyber security protocols

The VoIP Phone Company provide leading VoIP phone service that goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional small business phone system. We do this by adding unparalleled features, control, call management and cost savings. Our VoIP phone service allows our customers to collaborate at any time on any device, anywhere. That’s part of what makes our VoIP company a UK award-winning VoIP provider.

Constant availability
Greater flexibility
Productivity increases

Motivation is greater
There is minimal need for office space
Productive working

Improved customer service
Business continuity
Reduced commute time

VOIP stands for Voice Internet Protocol. VoIP is a software-based technology that allows telecommunication services to be made over an IP network, which is a internet broadband connection, rather than using traditional PSTN phone lines.


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